Common mental health risks of abortion include anxiety, guilt, and depression. Coping emotionally after an abortion can be quite a challenge. Many women struggle to find healing and peace after such a traumatic medical procedure as abortion. 

If you’re considering abortion, be sure of the risks to your emotional health and how it can affect your everyday life. If you’ve had an abortion and are struggling, you are not alone. It’s important to get the support you need to overcome this difficulty.

Common Mental Health Effects of Abortion

The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons found that almost 75% of women who had an abortion felt at least subtly pressured into making the decision. And of these women who felt pressured into abortion, many suffered psychological effects afterward, including:

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Regret
  • Self-hatred
  • Worthlessness
  • Feeling unworthy of love
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety

Though abortion may seem like a quick fix to an unplanned pregnancy – it comes with serious and long-term effects. 

To learn more about your pregnancy options, talk to our knowledgeable team at Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach. We can help you better understand all your options and what to expect.

Know Your Pregnancy Details

To know if you qualify for abortion, you need to understand your pregnancy details fully. Your first step is to take one of our free pregnancy tests. At your appointment, we can discuss your test results and review your situation.

Here’s What You Will Receive:

  • A free pregnancy test
  • A caring counselor who will listen to you without judgment
  • Answers to your pregnancy questions
  • Emotional support, in addition to pregnancy services
  • An ultrasound referral to confirm your pregnancy
  • A review of your options if the test is positive
  • Referrals for healthcare, housing, insurance, food, etc.

You are not alone in your pregnancy decision. We are here to help. Contact us to schedule an appointment or give us a call at (979) 764-6636. We care about your health and well-being.