Pregnancy Options

Life is filled with important decisions. What you will do about your unplanned pregnancy may be one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. Your thoughts and emotions may be racing, making you feel the need to have everything figured out right away. The good news is that it is not an emergency. Take time to learn about all of your options so you make the best decision for yourself and your baby. There is hope for your future and we are here to help!


Since abortion is no longer legal in the state of Texas, you might be thinking of traveling out of state for an abortion. Before doing this, you need to verify if your pregnancy is viable and how long you’ve been pregnant. The type of abortion you qualify for is determined by this information. Begin by reviewing our abortion checklist.

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If you’re pregnant, have just given birth, or are struggling to parent a young child, you might be thinking about placing your child for adoption. Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach is a full-service adoption agency that can handle all adoption details. You will never have to pay for any adoption services.

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When you come for free counseling at Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach, we’ll help you sort through the issues you’re worried about. Maybe you were planning on being a mother one day, but maybe not today. No matter where you are in life, it’s possible to be a mother. We can show you how, and we’ll support you along the way.

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Today is a new beginning.