Am I Ready To Be A Parent?

When you come for free counseling at Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach, we’ll help you sort through the issues you’re worried about. Maybe you were planning on being a mother one day, but maybe not today. No matter where you are in life, it’s possible to be a mother. We can show you how, and we’ll support you along the way.

Questions You May Be Asking Yourself

Who will be my emotional support system?

How are your relationships with family, friends, and the father of your baby? Do they know about your pregnancy? How are they reacting to the news? Our pregnancy counselors can help you navigate these relationships. We are happy for you to bring significant people when you come to Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach.

Can I keep my current schedule?

How will you continue with school or your job? We have answers for you. If you live in the Bryan/College Station area, we can help you get to and from appointments with doctors, Medicaid, WIC, job interviews, etc. Whether it’s transportation, housing, food, clothing, or something else, we’re prepared to help you find resources.

How can I possibly pay my bills?

  • Do you have health insurance? If you don’t, we can help you get signed up for Medicaid and find a doctor.
  • Do you have a job? If not, we can connect you with Texas Workforce for job training and job placement.

Where will I live?

Are you in a safe place? If you are in an unsafe living situation, we can help you locate a safe, affordable place to live.

What does a child need from me?

Clearly, a child needs formula, food, diapers, clothing, and a safe place to live. Just as importantly, a child needs a consistent, loving, stable parent(s). Ultimately, the decision about marriage, single parenting, and adoption should be made with the child’s best interest in mind.

What are a few characteristics you might see in successful single parenting?

  • Strong physical and emotional support from extended family.
  • A loving, dependable male figure who is in the child’s life daily.
  • Dependable and adequate income.
  • A mom who is very nurturing, very patient, and who operates well on little sleep.
  • A mom who can successfully juggle school and/or work with her parenting responsibilities.
  • A mom who is willing to sacrifice an active social life.

When you come for counseling at Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach, we can help you explore your options so you can plan for your future with confidence.

You are kind. You are smart. You are important!