Does abortion seem like the best option right now?

Since abortion is no longer legal in the state of Texas, you might be thinking of traveling out of state for an abortion. Before doing this, you need to verify if your pregnancy is viable and how long you’ve been pregnant. This information determines the type of abortion you qualify for. Begin by reviewing our abortion checklist.

Follow our checklist:

Confirm your pregnancy

Before you make an appointment for an abortion, confirm whether you’re actually pregnant. Contact Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach for free pregnancy testing to confirm your pregnancy.

Up to 25% of early pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage, avoiding the need for an abortion. An ultrasound can let you accurately determine the number of weeks you’ve been pregnant, whether your pregnancy is growing, and provide other vital information to determine what abortion options are available to you.

Get truthful information on abortion procedures

If you are thinking of traveling to another state for an abortion, be sure you understand the abortion methods that may be available to you there and what to expect during the procedure. The staff at Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach can discuss abortion procedures. You can learn about the possible physical, psychological, and emotional side effects and potential risks.

Get your questions answered beforehand

It’s normal to have questions before any major medical procedure. Do you want answers about these?

  • How much does an abortion cost?
  • How do I know if I’m even pregnant?
  • Will you tell someone if we talk?
  • Is abortion the only thing I can do?
  • Does it hurt to get an abortion?

Make sure you are not being pressured. Only you know whether an abortion is right for you. No one can decide for you, pressure you, or force you to have an abortion, even if you’re a minor. Forced abortion is against the law.

Talk to a confidential source

Abortion is a big decision. Having someone to talk to and provide support can give you the confidence to know you’re making the right decision for yourself.

The abortion pill

Rather than travel out of state, you may wonder about taking the abortion pill. Because abortion is now illegal in the state, you cannot legally get a prescription for the drugs. It’s also a violation of state law to order abortion pills online. Some people choose to skirt this law anyway. It is essential to know exactly how far along you are in your pregnancy before taking the abortion pill. The farther along, the increased risks of harming yourself.

Option Consultations

Believe it or not, you do have options for your unplanned pregnancy. Although abortion may seem like a quick way “to get rid of the problem,” there are lingering after-effects.

If you have questions about abortion procedures or are curious about the options available to you, contact a pregnancy counselor at Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach. You are not alone.

You have the power to make Brave decisions.