Agency vs. Private


Adoption Agency

What Is Provided for the Birth Family

  • During pregnancy, the adoption counselor of the agency provides emotional support and helps the birthparents think through issues that surround an adoption decision. The agency can also provide transportation to appointments, basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter, plus assistance applying for social services.

  • Birthparents choose from several available adoptive parents.  The adoption agency gives peace of mind knowing that each family accepted into our program has already spent months in the background check and preparation process.  Along with personal references and FBI background checks, we spend hours in the interview process to investigate their motivation to adopt, their finances, safety in the home, etc. Adoptive parents receive ongoing training about open adoption relationships, talking with the children about adoption, maintaining relationships with the birthparents throughout the years, etc.

  • If the birthparents have already met a prospective adoptive family outside the agency, they can bring that relationship to APO for the benefits of counseling, training, and legal details. This is called an identified adoption. 

  • At the hospital, your APO caseworker is there for you – just as much (or as little) as you desire. It is our job to advocate for you and ensure your needs are met.  We can help communicate your adoption plan to the hospital.  We can help communicate your wishes to the adoptive family.

  • If you decide to follow through with your adoption plan, APO handles all the legal details for the termination of parental rights.

  • Your agency caseworker is there for you during the difficult days to follow.  There is grief in adoption to be sure.

  • APO remains part of your support system for as many years as you need us.  We have regular support groups for birthparents and well as a family picnic where birth families and adoptive families can make sweet memories together.


Private Attorney

What Is Provided for the Birth Family

The birth mother and adoptive couple find each other and then bring their relationship to the attorney. An attorney may make recommendations but does not provide counseling. They generally do not provide matching and screening services. The adoptive family isn’t required to have the home study, background checks, safety checks, finances, etc. until after the baby is placed in their home.  

The attorney handles the legal details of the termination of parental rights.