I'm Pregnant, Now What?

You suspected you might pregnant, and now the test has left no room for doubt. What are you going to do now? What thoughts are racing through your mind?

      "This can't be happening to me!"Young woman

                     "This ruins everything."

                 "I can't be pregnant!"

        "My parents are going to freak out!"

  Do any of these phrases sound familiar? If not, sit back and listen to yourself.


What are you feeling about being pregnant?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can cause feelings of panic, fear, or uncertainty. This is a time to reach out to someone you trust as you sort through everything. Hopefully, you have friends or family you can talk with.

This music video below was produced by the lead singer of the band Kansas, John Elefante.  He wanted to show the struggles - and triumph - of a young woman he knew that had to deal with an unplanned pregnancy.  Many women share similar feelings of panic like hers and then the conflicting emotions while thinking through options.  Maybe you can relate.


Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach is here for you.

     Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be very stressful.

           What are some reactions you have had to this stress?

Some women make themselves busy in times of stress. They get busy making decisions in an effort to "fix" the problem right away. It seems that if they make alot of decisions right away, they can find relief from the intense feelings from which they are having a hard time escaping. Some women make themselves busy by going to class or meetings or out with friends. This can help to preoccupy their minds so they won't have to think about the pregnancy.

This is a time for you to sit down, take a deep breath, think and pray. Your future stands at a crossroad. The decisions you make in the next few months will affect you for the rest of your life. Give yourself time to make the best decision for you and your baby.

When you come for counseling at APO, we will help you explore what the future might hold for you and your baby. The following is some of the things we might talk about.

What needs do you have right now:

Need help with transportation, food or housing?
Someone to talk to?
How will you continue in school or on your job?
Access to medical care?
Have insurance or need help applying for Medicaid?
Questions about the changes in your body? (see The Secret Inside)

What options have you considered:

What would your life look like if you decided to parent your baby? Are you able to take care of yourself and a child? Do you have a degree and career? Who will be there for you on the really tough days and nights?

Is marriage a possibility? Do you love the father of the baby? Would he make a good Daddy? If so, can you see yourself married to him for the rest of your life?

What would your life look like if you chose adoption for your child? Are you trying to finish school or start a career? Do you feel it is important for your child to have a daddy full time in his or her life? Do you have other children to care for?

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